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World Cup pre-matches

By admin | June 6, 2018

This week is full of pre-games for the World Cup. Russia and Germany haven’t impressed, while Brazil and Argentina have. Will S. America claim the title? How is the form for the teams. Follow the news to find out who is in form. Check odds for the world cup on BetUpdater. Games will start on the 14th with the home nation, Russia taking on Saudi Arabia.

Djokovic out, Nadal still in

By admin | June 6, 2018

French Open is coming to an end, who will be in the final? Will Nadal take his 11th title? Cilic, Del Potro, Schwartzman are battling it out today. Cecchinato will meet Tihem in tomorrows first semi.

NHL goes into the final stretch

By admin | June 6, 2018

Current standing is 3-1 to Washington against the Vegas Golden Knights, who’s amazing run might come to an end already Thursday night. Game played in Vegas.

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The NHL season is despite COVID going ahead and the Stanley Cup finals are approaching.

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The English Premier League will kick-off Saturday the 12th of September. Soccer is back. Rest of Europe will follow.

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NBA is cooking in the bubble. We are approaching the final and we will have an exciting September.

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Season kick-off to take place on Thursday the 10th of September with Houston Texans vs KC Chiefs. Finally the Season is back!

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